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BSI Electrotechnical Committees Lists
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Monday, 24 August 2009 20:10

The following provides an open information area for members of the public interested in standards development. The links lead to documents covered by the individual electrotechnical committee including lists of related British Standards (Published Standards Listing).

Committee CPL/034/01 Electric lamps
CPL/034/02 Lamp caps and holders
Committee CPL/034/03 Auxiliaries for lamps
CPL/034/04 Luminaires
Committee CPL/034/07 Co-ordination of colours for signal purposes
CPL/034/08 Road lighting
Committee CPL/034/09 Emergency lighting
CPL/034/10 Light and lighting
Committee CPL/034/11 Electric signs
CPL/034 Lamps and related equipment
Committee CPL/035 Primary cells
EPL/100/04 Cable distribution equipment and systems
Committee GEL/001 Terminology
GEL/003 Documentation and graphical symbols
Committee GEL/007 Overhead electrical conductors
GEL/008 Systems aspects for electrical energy supply
GEL/016 Terminal marking and other identifications
Committee GEL/020/06 Ships' cables
GEL/020/11/02 Revision of IEC 61238-1
Committee GEL/020/11 Cable accessories
GEL/020/12 Railway cables
Committee GEL/020/16 Medium/high voltage cables
GEL/020/17 Low voltage cables
Committee GEL/020/18 Fire testing
GEL/020/XX Electric cables
Committee GEL/020 Electric cables
GEL/028 Insulation co-ordination
GEL/031/0X Equipment for explosive atmospheres
Committee GEL/031/11 Codes of practice for electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres
GEL/031/12 Flameproof enclosures
Committee GEL/031/13 Intrinsically safe apparatus
GEL/031/XX Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere
Committee GEL/031 Equipment for explosive atmospheres
Committee GEL/065 Measurement and control
GEL/070 Protective enclosures of electrical apparatus
Committee GEL/081 Protection against lightning
GEL/082 Solar photovoltaic energy systems
Committee GEL/104 Environmental conditions, classification and testing
GEL/105 Fuel cell technologies
Committee GEL/109 Insulation co-ordination for low voltage equipment
GEL/111 Electrotechnical environment committee
Committee GEL/112 Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems
GEL/210/11 EMC product standards
Committee GEL/210/12 EMC basic, generic and low frequency phenomena Standardization
GEL/210 EMC - Policy committee
Committee GEL/600/0-/01 Revision of BS 7430
Committee GEL/600 Earthing
JPEL/064/0A Panel A - Wiring Regulations - Verification
Committee JPEL/064/0B Panel B - Wiring Regulations - Thermal effects
JPEL/064/0D Panel D - Wiring Regulations - External influences
Committee JPEL/064 Electrical installations of buildings - Joint committee
Committee PEL/011 Overhead lines
Committee PEL/014 Power transformers
Committee PEL/017/01 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear
PEL/017/02 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear
Committee PEL/017/03/01 Revision of BS 7375 and BS 4363
PEL/017/03 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies
Committee PEL/017 Switchgear, controlgear, and HV-LV co-ordination
PEL/023/0-/11 Prefabricated wiring systems
Committee PEL/023/0-/12 Revision of BS 5733
PEL/023/01 Circuit breakers and similar equipment for household use
Committee PEL/023/02 Connecting devices
Committee PEL/023/04 Protected type plugs and sockets
PEL/023 Electrical accessories
Committee PEL/027 Electroheating
PEL/032/0-/01 High-voltage fuses
Committee PEL/032/0-/02 Medium-voltage and low-voltage fuses
PEL/032/0-/03 Miniature fuses
Committee PEL/032 Fuses
PEL/037/01 Surge arresters - Low voltage
Committee PEL/037 Surge arresters - High voltage
PEL/038 Instrument transformers
Committee PEL/042 Testing techniques for high voltages and currents
PEL/073 Short circuit currents
Committee PEL/078 Tools for live working
PEL/085 Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities
PEL/095 Measuring relays and protection systems
Committee PEL/096 Small transformers
PEL/099 Erection and operation of power installations
Committee PEL/213 Cable management

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