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Chloride - Learn about UPS selection and applications

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Learn about UPS selection and applications

The seminar can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the audience and will typically address the following subjects:

• Achieving complete electrical system resilience
• Comparison of UPS topologies
• Tiered levels of UPS protection
• Centralised or distributed UPS
• Leading and lagging power factor loads
• Taking care of the battery
• Matching UPS and diesel generator
• Monitoring the UPS and diesel generator


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Furse CIBSE-Accredited CPD Seminars

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CIBSE-Accredited CPD Seminars

We can offer CPD seminars that have the specific aims of providing you with the critical and relevant facts on changes in legislation, the impact on you and your business, effective methodologies to simplify implementation and ways of reducing overall labour and maintenance costs. All of our training seminars are CIBSE-accredited, so you are able to broaden your knowledge under their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, gaining the skills necessary for you to stay ahead of your profession. Seminars can be held at your premises at a date and time of your choosing.

For more information, please use the following link;

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applied energy CPD Seminars

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CPD certification scheme

If you have registered for access to the Applied Energy website, you will be able to take part in the certification scheme. There is a list of modules below which we challenge you to read and try to pit your memory against a multiple choice, mandatory test based on the contents of the module located at the end of each module, to earn you one hour of CPD accreditation for your portfolio. You may try each one until you have passed all of them, as many times as you like.

When you have passed, you will be given the opportunity to download a certificate to prove your achievement. You may only recieve one certificate per module.

You will need Flash installed on your computer in order to be able to take the tests, and Adobe Acrobat in order to view and print the ceritificates.
For more information, pleae use the following link to download copies of the insight modules in PDF format:

Insight 1 - Decent Homes Standard - An Introduction

Insight 2 - Decent Homes Standard - Fitness for Habitation & Disrepair

Insight 3 - Decent Homes Standard - Modernity & Thermal Comfort

Insight 4 - Building Regulations - Part L

Insight 5 - Building Regulations - Part F

Insight 6 - Ventilation for Decent Homes


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aico CPD Seminars

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Categories Covered:
•  Fire Detection and Alarms
•  Passive Fire Protection for Electrical Installations


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ABB CPD Seminars

ABB Limited

Categories Covered:

Energy Management and controls

Energy Metering

Energy Efficiency

Energy Controls


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Ability Projects Ltd CPD Seminars

Ability Projects Ltd

Ability currently offer two CIBSE endorsed CPDs in the UK

The first CPD looks at:-
    What is a fan coil and how does it work
    What are the important factors that affect the selection of fan coil units and how are they selected
    Acoustic considerations - Recommended design parameters

The second CPD looks at:-
    EC/DC motor technology
    Pressure Independent Characterised Control (PICC) valves
    BACnet controls
    The Matrix Fan Coil package


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Airflow Developments Ltd CPD Seminars

Airflow Developments Ltd CPD Seminars


Categories Covered:

• Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

• Building Regulations relating to Ventilation

• Ventilating Fans


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AEG Power Solutions CPD Seminars

AEG Power Solutions

Categories Covered:






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Constant Power Services Ltd CPD Seminars

Constant Power Services Ltd

Categories Covered:





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ERCO CPD Seminars



Defining Light Seminar

– What is light?

– Mechanisms of vision and the human response to light

– The technical terminology of light explained

– Choosing the right lamp

– A ‘hands-on’ lamps demonstration

– Challenging the numerical approach to lighting

Refining Light Seminar

– Lamp selection reviewed

– Understanding light distribution and reflector design

– A ‘hands-on’ demonstration of reflectors - what they do

– Light distribution patterns

– Choosing the right luminaire

– Understanding luminaire specifications

– Contextual and sympathetic architectural integration

Vertical Illuminance Seminar

– Spatial effects of lighting vertical surfaces

– Holistic design principles: linking indoors with outdoors

– Colour and scenes

– Vertical lighting tools for internal and external use

– Planning in practice

– Virtual luminaires and the value of computer generated


Tune The Light Workshop

– Lighting control systems overview

– Shaping space with light

– Lighting control as an architectural tool

– Layered lighting

– The human interface

– Light System DALI explained

– Culminating in a short, ‘hands-on’ project to build and programme a real light and colour control system


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